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Mass Media 大众媒体及广告 核心词汇短语 Lexical Resources: 1. paparazzi 狗仔队 37. cheating 欺骗性的 2. journalist/reporter 记者 38. in the disguise of … 打着…的幌子 3. mass media 大众媒体 39. media violence 媒体暴力 4. entertainment 娱乐 40. endanger social stability and safety 危害 5. journalism 新闻业 社会稳定和安全 6. the latest news 最新消息 41. popularity 知名度 7. exclusive news 独家新闻 42. scandal 丑闻 8. imperative 重要的、必要的 43. sensational 轰动的 9. news agency 新闻社 44. prevalent 普遍的、流行的 10. news block out 新闻封锁 45. audience ratings 收视率 11. freedom of the press 新闻自由 46. propaganda 宣传 12. censorship and supervising 审查与监督. 47. purify one’s soul 净化心灵 13. coverage 新闻报道 48. live in virtual would 生活在虚拟世界中 49. be a great comfort to … 14. do reportage on … 报导… 15. hit the headlines 上头条 对…来说是一个巨大安慰 16. issue 出版、发行 50. provide somebody with something 给… 17. newsstand 报摊 提供… 18. free-lancer 自由撰稿人 51. meet different tastes 满足不同口味 19. chief editor 总编 52. follow the fashion blindly 盲目追逐时尚 20. editorial 社论 53. overspending 过度消费 21. feature story 专题特写 54. international brand 国际品牌 22. newsworthy 值得报道的 55. be inconceivable to somebody 对…来说 23. the barometer of public opinion 舆论的晴 是难以想象的 雨表 56. impressive 给人印象深刻的 24. live broadcast 直播 57. right to know 知情权 25. quiz show 智力竞争节目 58. intellectual property rights 知识产权 26. game show 游戏节目 59. purchase a product 购买商品 27. variety show 综合节目 60. Television ad 电视广告 28. talk show 脱口秀 61. brand advertising 品牌宣传 29. soap opera 肥皂剧 62. brand culture 品牌文化 30. affair 绯闻 63. build brand loyalty 建立品牌忠诚度 31. celebrity 名人 64. online advertising 在线广告 32. fame 名声 65. promotion of products 产品促销 33. rise to fame 声名鹊起 67. public service advertisement 公益广告 34. fan 粉丝 68. advertisement 广告 35. invade one’s privacy 侵扰某人的隐私 69. advertising 广告业,广告 36. misleading 误导性的 70. customer 消费者,顾客


真题分析 1. The high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising but not the real need of the society where such products are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 2. Customers are faced with increasing amounts of advertising due to the competition among companies. To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertisements? And what measures can be taken to protect their interests? 3. Nowadays a large amount of advertising is aimed at children. Some people think this can have negative effects on children and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 4. Nowadays, advertising is having an increasing influence on our lives. Some people think that the positive effects outweigh the negative effects. Do you agree or disagree? 5.. Some people think that the detailed criminal description on newspaper and TV has bad influences, so this kind of information should be restricted on the media, To what extent do you agree or disagree? 6. Exposure to international media, such as TV, film and magazine, has a significant impact on the local culture. What do you think the impact has been? Do you agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? 7. Society would benefit from banning all forms of advertising because it may be of no useful purpose, and can even be damaging to people. To some extent do you agree or disagree? 8. More images of disasters and violence are shown on TV news programmes. Discuss the reasons and what are the effects on the individual and the society? 写作素材 Mass media (TV and Films) Benefits: 1. Television is one of the primary channel of education, entertainment and communication. It was brought into our world to give us endless amounts of information. 2. TV helps us to keep the pace of the world by watching various programmes and receiving daily news. 3. TV plays an imperative role in a child’s life. It broadens their horizons and shows them things they have never seen before. 4. Television can exert the strongest pro-social influence in the area of learning and cognitive development. Negative effects: 1. A child who often indulges in TV does not know the difference between reality and fantasy, thus living in a virtual world . 2. The children who watch too much media violence will demonstrate aggressive and violent behaviors in later life.


3. Because of our national television habit, it is no surprise that we are raising the most sedentary and most overweight generation of youngsters in history. 4. The health consequences of this overabundance of TV viewing include an increase in obesity among children due to a sedentary lifestyle, and the flip side, an increase in dieting disorders due to the unrealistic expectations set up by thin actors on television shows and commercials. 范文学* 1: Some people believe that it is beneficial for children to spend time on TV, video and PC games, while some hold the opposite view. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. When it comes to whether children shall spend their spare time watching TV, videos and playing PC games, people’s opinions vary greatly. Some say it is basically a waste of children’s time, while others argue that children can benefit a lot from such activities. It is firmly maintained by many parents and teachers that children’s main purpose is to pursue outstanding academic achievements at school. To beat their competitors, they must make the best use of every precious minute. Therefore, they cannot afford to indulge themselves before the “idiot box” as TV or in playing the senseless virtual games. Moreover, watching TV and playing PC games are addictive for many poorly-disciplined children, consuming their interest in study and eroding their academic aspirations. However, many other people hold different views, arguing that if properly guided and supervised, children can expand vision and knowledge as well as foster their creativity from those fun activities. There are many educational programs on TV such as Discovery which feed children extensive knowledge in science and arts. By sparking children’s interest and imagination in various topics, these programs are often more enlightening than textbooks. Similarly, playing PC games and watching science fiction movies can definitely stimulates children’s imagination and creativity. Many youngsters, for example, have been inspired to come up with novel inventions and become engineering elites in later life exactly with the inspirations from those sources. From the above discussion, it is my personal perspective that if children can balance their study and fun time properly, watching TV, video programs and playing PC games will unquestionably bring them more benefits than harm. After all, books are not the only source of useful knowledge; in order to grow healthily in modern times, children need to accumulate knowledge and skills from various channels, and suitable time for relaxation and inspiration is surely more welcome than not.

范文学* 2. Nowadays, advertising is having an increasing influence on our lives. Some people think that the positive effects outweigh the negative effects. Do you agree or disagree?


It has always been difficult to assess the contribution of advertising. This issue is fraught with controversy, with concern being expressed over the harmful effects of advertising. Below are some arguments against this concern. It is important to recognise that one of the key functions of advertising is to supply consumers with adequate and accurate information about all of the alternatives available to them. Every now and then, advertising is criticised on the ground that it can manipulate consumers to follow the will of the advertiser, however, evidence supports an opposing view that advertising merely promotes products that are most likely to satisfy consumers’ wants. In simple terms, it is consumers rather than advertisers who decide what are advertised. Advertising also plays a significant role in fostering full employment and facilitating economic well-being. By conveying marketing information constantly to the target audience, advertising speeds the consumers’ acceptance of new goods and technologies. It guarantees the high turnover rate of the manufactured goods and therefore, sustainability of a business. It is also agreed that advertising is one of the main sponsors of a large number of other industries, for example, the entertainment industry-particularly sports, and music. Unarguably, advertising is criticised every now and then for misleading the public. However, the rapid development of advertising itself has provided a solution to this problem, as the information delivered to the audiences has made them knowledgeable consumers. Under this circumstance, they can easily distinguish inferior products from quality products with their knowledge. The misleading effect of advertising will be counteracted over time. To summarize, advertising suggests what consumers need and contributes partly to economic development. In this sense, advertising is of great value to people and the society. The general perception of advertising as a source of misleading information is in fact a bias.



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